Our Brands

Below is a list of SmartWolf LLC's trademarks. Consider it a sneak peak into what we have in store for you in the future. We have big plans for these names, so stay tuned!

SmartWolf LLC's Trademarks General Description Social Presence Website/Domain
Bloubel™ publication bloubel.com
ChessPets™ collectible figurines chesspets.com
Chiimeras™ collectible dolls, etc. chiimeras.com
Elvy Makes™ production line, video series
Elvynne™ alias, online handle, mascot elvynne.com
Gaia Cosplays™ collectible sets gaiacosplays.com
Juvala™ publication juvala.com
Tree of Life Dolls™ one-of-a-kind (OOAK) dolls treeoflifedolls.com

Rights to intellectual property is a pretty big deal in the world, and on the internet, so we do our best at SmartWolf LLC to make sure we are as clear as possible in this age of information. This list is non-exhaustive.
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Other Websites

Below are some other noteworthy mentions where Smartwolf LLC and our affiliates can be found online.

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