Alexis Clyburn

UI/UX Design Lead
About Me

Alexis Clyburn: Designer, Artist, Dog Owner.

My first internship was all I needed to taste what it meant to be on the other side of a website.

You can say my design journey began at Silverpoint, where I was an intern in 2009. I say it began when I was 13-years-old, creating web pages for my Neopets.

Once the veil was lifted, and I transitioned from user to designer, I realized that defining the user experience is not only a way of thinking, but a way of life.

Becoming a designer has taught me to embrace change, and to also become a part of that change. It has encouraged me to be a better artist, and a better human being.

My Education

  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Aug. 2007 - May 2012
  • Computer Engineering
    Bachelor of Engineering
  • Art and Technology
    Bachelor of Art

My Portfolio

responsive websites • device-specific applications • enterprise applications • framework design

The PDF version is available upon request.

My Experience

Over the course of my professional career, I have gained 10 years of UI/UX Design Experience. In this ever-changing field, I'm constantly researching the latest practices and patterns, as well as familiarizing myself with new tools and programs.

In many of my roles, I've learned how to lead, inspire, and motivate designers to take the reins in completely new territory. The best example of this was during my time at Photon, where our team was challenged to take on Windows 8 design during its first introduction to the world.

I have also been responsible for managing design processes and ensuring the best use of design practices, from templates and libraries, to documentation formats and delivery. One of my design philosophies is to always consider feasibility. I see the user as not only the end-user or the customer, but also the developer, the tester, and my fellow designer.

Working with marketing, product teams, development teams, and business owners is a challenge - a welcome one. Such multi-faceted teamwork keeps me on my toes, and inspires me to think critically and design for consistency and usability.

My approach is direct: I enjoy the in-depth conversations with the multitudes of people involved in the projects. The reward of finding a common language amongst the moving parts is priceless. Especially when it encourages collaboration, synergy, and FUN!

My Resume
Brother International Corporation
Feb 2017 - Present
UI/UX Designer
  • Evaluate requirements, create designs, prototypes, and assets, and maintain follow-up with design projects to meet the needs of business leaders across departments.
  • Focus on creating intuitive and data-driven design by outlining personas, running usability tests, and outlining user scenarios across multiple product lines.
  • Oversee the development of UX designs via flowchart creation, building sitecore pages, creating wireframes and prototypes, defining functional specifications, and remaining involved during quality assurance and acceptance testing.
  • Outline new processes and standards for documentation, including design patterns, specifications, and style guides, to foster collaboration between designers and development.
  • Keep up to date with the industry standards, trends, and latest tools through in-depth research and development.

Diligent Corporation
Dec. 2013 - Aug. 2016
UI/UX Designer
  • Collaborated with Business Analysts to research and create requirements, optimize usability, user experience, and summarize competitive analyses to improve product features.
  • Brainstormed with teammates on competitive analyses, increasing newly released product signup, and continued usage across current and new clientele.
  • Managed a small team of designers and offshore developers to facilitate timely communication and ensure ease of asset delivery for final releases.
  • Provided documentation, prototypes, style guides, and annotated designs for accurate implementation from initial concept to final product.

Photon Infotech
Nov. 2012 - Dec. 2013
UI/UX Design Lead
  • Led design efforts by creating wireframes and visual compositions using Balsamiq and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Managed design teams on projects for iOS, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8, creating accurate and usable deliverables per device standards.
  • Presented estimates of effort and resources to key stakeholders, ensuring fast, accurate, and quality production and delegation of deliverables.
Jun. 2012 - Nov. 2012
Creative Design Lead
  • Provided UI/UX solutions to multiple Windows 8 design projects, focused on increasing project intake and client volume.
  • Contributed various alternatives during ideation sessions to optimize functionality and usability.

SmartWolf LLC
Jan. 2014 - Present
  • Create hand-made products, prototypes, and freelance solutions for customers and prospective clients.
My Skills

User-Focused Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Sketch - Figma - Axure
Mentorship and Coaching
Competitive Analysis
Other Artwork
The Fun Continues

When it's time to unwind from my day job, you can find me sculpting, drawing, painting, knitting, sewing...
Any excuse to be creative!
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Everyone's got a best friend. For me, there is Serendipity. Meet my charismatic Australian Shepherd, the good boy that reminds me to welcome each day as my best self.

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